Project Management

As a full service consulting firm, we offer our clients the benefit of a complete Project Management program. We will coordinate the work of everyone involved in a project, as well as negotiate with governmental agency personnel for the required permits and approvals. We will also prepare and review contract documents and draw requests and provide "as-constructed" maps upon completion.

The successful development of new projects requires a comprehensive understanding of the entire scope of work, from the initial feasibility phase to design and permitting, and continuing through the construction and inspection phase so that occupancy permits can be obtained and bonds released. The efficient coordination of consultants, contractors, lenders, and inspectors can have a significant financial impact on new developments.



  • Preparation of Initial Project Scope and Timeline
  • Identification of Client Objectives
  • Assembly of Project Team Members and Consultants
  • Management of Design/Permitting Process
  • Meeting with Agency Personnel
  • Coordination with Contractor
  • Follow up on Permitting Process with Agencies
  • Comprehensive Project Requirements prior to Construction

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