Landscape Design

Landscape design is an effective response to regulatory, cultural, and environmental requirements, which contribute to the success and acceptance of a new development within the community.

Our Professional Landscape Architects and Designers have a detailed understanding of landscaping/irrigation design standards, materials, and vegetation requirements. Working in conjunction with our Planning and Engineering staff, we develop conceptual landscape plans as well as detailed planting plans, specifications, and irrigation designs for commercial and residential projects.

We strive to integrate the objectives of our clients with our understanding of the long-term growth potential and maintenance requirements of plant species in order to promote compatibility and survivability, while limiting costs.



  • Conceptual and Preliminary Plans
  • Design Development Plans
  • Design and Construction Documents for:
    • -Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces
      -Street Trees and Streetscapes
      -Significant Tree Retention/Replacement
      -Native Restoration and Preservation
      -Wetland Buffer Enhancement
      -Landscape Planting
      -Irrigation/Water Conservation
  • Street Tree Plans
  • Final Detailed Landscape Planting Plans
  • Parks and Recreation Plan Design
  • Irrigation Plan Design
  • Specifications for Landscape Installation
  • Monitoring of Landscape Improvements for Survival
  • Wetland Buffer Enhancement Plans
  • Cost Estimating

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